spirktrekker42 (spirktrekker42) wrote,

My mother, SPIRK, and KOCK!

Kirk and Spock approve of my lulz.

So tonight I was talking with my mom (who isn't the biggest slash fan in the world, mind you) and she was saying how my sister and I were a part of her. Slyly, I spoke up, saying that if my sister and I are a part of her, then a part of her loves K/S. XD She responded, saying, "I've always loved Kirk & Spock (the characters)..." except it came out "I've always loved Spirk and Kock."

I HOWLED. Seriously I almost fell over I was laughing so hard. And then my dad came in so I had to explain it to him! Major lulz. The best part is that my mom has no idea about fandom ship names, she really just accidentally mixed their names up!
Tags: k/s, lulz
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