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New chapter "Threats" for my fic - The Return of Khan!

Title: The Return of Khan
Author: spirktrekker42
Rating: PG-13
Universe: ST:XI
Pairings: S/U, eventual Sc/U and K/S
Completed: No
Words in Chapter 11: 750
Warnings: soap opera alert! :P
Summary: Despite Spock Prime's warning, the Enterprise crew welcome the survivors of the S.S. Botany Bay. Khan has no memory of who he is. Kirk decides to befriend him. If given another chance at life, will Khan still revert to his dictator-like tendencies?

Disclaimer: Star Trek is not mine. It belongs to Gene Roddenberry and Paramount. NuTrek is JJ's baby.

A/N: Thanks to everyone that read, reviewed, followed, and favorited this story! I really appreciate the support.

A/N2: Congratulations to Zoe for her awesome Super Bowl commercial with Stevie Wonder! She was so kick ass. That is the Zoe I know and love!


Chapter 11: Threats


Cochrane went right up to Uhura. "Good afternoon, Miss Uhura. Would you like to sit with me?"

Out of the corner of her eyes, Uhura noticed Mr. Scott discreetly waving at her.

"NO, Cochrane. I'm eating with Scotty." Uhura flounced away, leaving a stunned Cochrane in her wake. He couldn't believe that she rejected him in front of everybody. He was so sure she would have fallen for his advances this time. So Cochrane returned to his seat with his tail between his legs. The rejection really smarted. He watched as Uhura struck up a conversation with the chief engineer and wondered what Scotty had that he didn't. Perhaps a technical brain…

This was ridiculous, Cochrane thought. If I want to claim Uhura, I really have to threaten the engineer. So he did.

He got up and approached their table.

"Uh oh," one of the redshirt guys said at their table.

"Mr. Scott, would you like to go a few rounds in the gym?" Cochrane offered, knowing full well that his super strength would allow him to pummel the Scotsman to a pulp.

But the engineer was ready for him. "I would love to, Sir!" Scotty beamed at him. "Perhaps we could wrestle as well? Mr. Spock has showed me a lot of Vulcan maneuvers that I can use. I'd love to try them out on you. Especially the Vulcan nerve pinch. That can smart for days." The Scot was laughing at him with his eyes.

Cochrane narrowed his eyes. Why wasn't his threat working? Surely the Scot's jovial tone was covering up his true fear.

Come with me, Nyota, Cochrane thought with as much force as he could muster. NOW. But all Uhura did was scoot her chair closer to Scotty and glare daggers at Cochrane.

This angered the super human even further. "You wouldn't be a challenge," Cochrane scoffed at the Scotsman. "Forget I asked." He then left the mess hall in a rage, not even bother to finish his cooling meal.

"Oh no he didn't," said the redshirt, but the joke fell flat.


Cochrane stalked back to the Captain's Quarters. He punched the com unit and called Kirk on the bridge.

"Captain, I must speak with you."

"What's up?" Kirk asked.

"Can you come down here?"


"I need to speak with you in private."

"Can't it wait? I'm in the middle of a shift," Kirk reminded him.

"Yes, it can wait," Cochrane admitted.

"Don't tell me you asked her out again," Kirk whispered.

"How the fuck did you know?"

"You sound frustrated. Trust me, getting rejected by Uhura is not the best feeling in the world."

"How could she turn you down too? You're the captain."

"It was before I was captain, and even so why would you think my being captain would have anything to do with it?" Kirk sounded genuinely confused.

"Your rank does not influence who you sleep with?"

"No, I told you that before," Kirk whispered. "I don't want to be like those other captain and officers that use their crewmen and crewwomen like that. It's the last thing I want."

"Still, with that power…" Cochrane trailed off.

"It shouldn't matter," Kirk said firmly. Just then Cochrane heard a beep.

"I gotta go, Admiral Pike is calling," said Kirk.

"Wait!" Cochrane yelled, ready to confess everything that he had done using his mental powers on Uhura. But Kirk had already ended the com.

Cochrane took a seat on the bed and thought about what he had done. He came to the conclusion that he was going to try it again, this time on a more susceptible woman. He had just the ensign in mind… she had red flaming hair and very pale skin. She was not attached to anyone.

Just then, he heard someone enter the bathroom from the Vulcan's room…


End Chapter 12

A/N: What did you think? Cochrane has now passed the point of no return but he doesn't know it yet.
Tags: fanfic, k&s, k/s fic, khan, kirk, scotty, spock, uhura

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