I have discovered Stargate SG 1

I am really enjoying Stargate SG 1! My favorite character is Samantha Carter. No surprise there - she is so kick ass. And I ship her with O'Neill. Anyone else a Stargate fan?

They steal a lot from Trek, but it is a still a pretty good series.
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You guys have GOT to see the Jackie Robinson movie, 42. It is the best sports movie I've seen in YEARS! So inspirational :)
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Bryan Burk says the new Trek movie is noob friendly

This article is worth checking out. It contrasts Star Trek and Star Wars, and there is some discussion of Benedict's character as well. Enjoy! Trek movie has a lot going on.


Does anyone have a guess on when we can start buying midnight movie tickets? Is it a month before? 3 weeks? I can't remember!

calling all X-Philes

Hey, philes! David Duchovny's movie "Phantom" is out this weekend. This is the first movie he has done since the lame XF movie in 2008. The plot is interesting and DD does a really great job acting as this Russian government agent playing opposite submarine captain Ed Harris. Please come out and support DD at the movies! It really is worth paying for. Thanks.

P.S. The best part is that you get to see DD in a black tank top and let me just say that he is really in shape! *fans self*